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    To begin the adoption process, please fill out the below form.

    Please note that this form is only Basic Information when it is returned a further form and phone/ in person interview and home visit are still required.

    Not everyone that applies will meet the eligibility standard for this rescue.

    Once we receive your form, an OWRAssist volunteer will contact you.

    Contact Information

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    Dog's Care and Well-being

    Are there any other animals in your home?*

    If so what kind?

    How long will the dog be alone each day?*

    How much exercise and socialization will the dog receive?*

    Is there a fenced area for the dog?*

    How high is the fence?

    Where will the dog be when you leave your house?*

    Are you willing to crate the dog?*

    Where will the dog sleep?*

    Who will look after your dog when you go on holidays or business trips?*

    Do you rent or own your home? If you rent, do you have written permission from your landlord to have a dog?*

    If you rent and must move, what will you do with the dog if your new home does not allow pets?

    Are you financially able to cover regular and unexpected veterinary care costs in case of injury or illness?*

    If not, what will you do if your dog gets seriously ill or injured?

    Have you ever owned a dog before?*

    Was it a Weimaraner?*

    If you've owned a dog, or specifically a Weimaraner, what happened to that dog?

    What would make you return your Weimaraner to us?*

    Do you plan on providing any formal training/obedience classes for your dog?*

    Do you plan to use the dog for specific skills such as hunting, agility, etc.?*

    If so, please specify.

    Have you ever given up a pet to a rescue shelter?*

    If so, please explain the circumstances.

    Please provide the name and phone number of the veterinarian of your former pet. Contact your Vet to allow OWRAssist to verify information.

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