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    Foster care is the temporary care of a displaced and homeless Weimaraner. It involves caring for the dog until a permanent home is located. Foster caretakers are an extremely important part of OWRAssist’s mission to care for as many homeless Weims as we can.

    Why We Need Foster Caretakers

    1. Saving from destruction

    The number of dogs received at a shelter is sometimes overwhelming and adequate housing is not available. If there isn’t any room available, or if the Weim has medical issues, a shelter will often opt to destroy the animal. By becoming a foster caretaker to a Weim, you’re saving the dog’s life and giving it the chance to become a permanent part of someone’s family – in other words, real happiness.

    2. Care after an illness or injury

    Foster parents provide sick and injured Weimaraners with the additional time, medication, and space they need to recover. This may include time to recover from fearful or stressful situations that the animal may have encountered in the past.

    3. Extremely young animals

    Young dogs that are not yet weaned require special attention. Unweaned orphans require a serious commitment since they have special needs such as diet and frequent feeding schedules.

    4. Assessing dog

    OWRAssist’s mission is to successfully match a Weimaraner to the best-suited owner. That involves making sure that the goals and expectations of an owner match up with the personality of the Weimaraner. Foster caretakers are instrumental in assessing the personality of the dog and identifying any behavioural issues. Foster caretakers teach dogs basic obedience to help them better adjust to their new home.

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