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  • Planned Giving

    Planned giving is a way to make a significant gift to support the

    Ontario Weimaraner Rescue and Assistance (OWRAssist)

    that does not affect your current income.

    Here are a few ways you can bequeath money to OWRAssist:

    Name OWRAssist as a benefactor in your will

    It is never too soon to prepare your will, a powerful document that enables you to distribute your assets exactly as you choose. In addition to remembering loved ones and special friends, your will can make a final philanthropic gesture by leaving gifts to organizations whose work you believe in.

    Name the OWRAssist as a beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF

    Donors can make charitable gifts by naming a charity as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, RRSP or RRIF. The donor does not have to pass these assets through their estates when they gift them to a charity to be eligible to receive the tax receipt in the year of death.

    Name the OWRAssist as a beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy

    To make a significant future gift for a modest current expense, life insurance is an excellent option. Options include giving OWRAssist an old policy; designating OWRAssist as a beneficiary of an existing policy; or taking out a new policy and designating OWRAssist as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary.

    Invest in a Charitable Gift Annuity

    A charitable gift annuity is a financial planning tool that can maintain and even enhance your after-tax income while providing substantial financial aid to OWRAssist. An annuity is very secure, guaranteeing your rate of return and thereby, the amount of your annual payments, for life. This is an excellent vehicle for donors who are 70 years or older and can afford to invest at least $10,000.

    Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust

    This gift opportunity allows you to give cash or assets during your lifetime while enjoying the income from that asset for the remainder of your life. Throughout your lifetime you will receive income from this living trust, but upon your death, the “remainder” will pass directly to OWRAssist as the named beneficiary. This type of gift is most suitable for those aged 70 plus, who are able to invest $100,000 or more in the trust.

    Corporate Giving

    We are thrilled to see many corporations launching special programs designed to match gifts their employees make to charities. It’s an ideal way for a company to recognize its employees while contributing to the community. Check with your Human Resources Department today!

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    Ontario Weimaraner Rescue and Assistance (OWRAssist) Charity Car Donation
  • Become a Volunteer

    OWRAssist is always looking for more people to help out with events, transportation, fostering, and more.

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