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    If your yard is not fully fenced, how do you intend to deal with potty breaks and exercise?

    Other Pets in the Home

    Please complete the following to aid us in placing a compatible foster Weimaraner in your home.

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    Please list the age, breed and gender of other dogs in your home.

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    Does your current dog(s) have a preference or a dislike for either male or female dogs?

    Does your current dog(s) dislike intact male or female dogs?

    Do you have any other pets? If so, please list.*

    How do these other pets react to other dogs?

    Care of Your Foster Weimaraner

    How long would a foster Weimaraner be left alone during a typical day?*

    Would your foster Weimaraner have access to a toilet area through the day while family is absent?*

    Are you willing to house-train your foster Weimaraner?*

    Where will you keep your foster Weimaraner during the day?*

    If applicable, where does your current dog(s) stay during the day?

    Where will you keep your foster Weimaraner at night?*

    How will you alleviate Weimaraner boredom during your absences from the home?*

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